The Unstoppable Artist Formula VIP All-Access Area

Hello Unstoppable Artist! While this powerful event is over, I’m offering a special opportunity to own the entire Unstoppable Artist Training series for your private collection. For just $97 you can take advantage if you are serious about putting into practice the genius shared in these trainings.

Wouldn’t you love to tap into the wisdom of these art, marketing, and top industry mentors anytime you are in need and on YOUR schedule? Give yourself the gift to take your time to really dig in, listen and process all that’s shared in this series, and commit to taking action on what you learn from these powerful leaders.

What you receive:

  • Downloadable MP3 audio AND video Recordings of all the interviews so you can listen to them at your convenience (whether you missed a your favorite speaker or know you'll want to access a specific conversation at a later date).
  • BONUS: Your very own Claim Your Power 30- Minute private Strategy Session with Nikól Peterman to help you identify the fastest path to becoming Unstoppable in your Art and Creativity, and Connect with your raving fans.
  • BONUS: Instant Downloadable Access to Unleash Your Perfect Studio Process to help you not only create your perfect space, but get rid of what is holding you back. This process has been a game changer for my clients, especially the surprise message you receive at the end. If you’ve been really confused around why you aren’t where you want to be, this is for you.
  • BONUS: Downloadable Artist Attraction Secret. In this special training you will learn how to truly resonate with your audience, how to building a fan base from the ground-up, the 3 Keys to attracting devoted fans, and what’s missing in your marketing now. End the mystery and disappointment and attract YOUR perfect audience!
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Our experts have been featured in the following:

Nikól Rogers
Artist Success Coach

Bree Noble
Female Musician Mentor

Selina Maitreya
Abundance Mentor & Creative Consultant

Mark Futterman
Messaging and Content Creation Coach

Rick Barker
Music Industry Blueprint CEO & Music Consultant

Colin Maher
Entertainment Lawyer

Amanda Walsh
Astrology Guide & Leadership Expert

Heidi Easley
Paint Party Business Mentor

Mark Romero
Musician & Energy Optimizer

Jessica Abel
Cartoonist, Writer, and Creative Focus Teacher

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
Intuitive Creativity Coach

Jackie Kotei
PR and Media Strategist

Suzanne Paulinski
Founder of the Rock/Star Advocate

Cheryl Engelhardt
Songwriter & Email Marketing Expert

Alexis Cohen
The Creativity Doula

Jo-Ná Williams Esq.
Attorney and Artist Advisor

Samantha Bennett
Creative Productivity Specialist, Author & Speaker

Kevin Johns
Writing & Productivity Coach

Patti Clark
Accomplished Author and Creativity Workshop Leader

Brian Penick
Music Entrepreneurship Expert

Marguerita Vorobioff
5 Keys To Being Unstoppable

Patricia Echeverria
Social Innovation Designer

Lisa Tener
Book Writing Coach

Edward Vilga
Author and Money Expert

Jenna Martin
Fine Art & Underwater Photographer

Jill Badonsky
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach Creator & Author

Catt Z
Revolutionary Creativity Expert

Denise Braun
Creative Hypnotherapist & Visual Artist

Nathan Cole
LA Philharmonic Concertmaster,
Performance Coach

Allyson Bright
Founder of Determined To Shine

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"OMG Nikol, the Unstoppable Artist Formula was awesome! I've watched a lot of telesummits this year because I'm healing on multiple levels, and UAF was by far the best. The majority of interviews and guests were super relevant. Even the musicians, as a visual artist I found their teachings easily transferable to what I do. Also hats off for touching on practical, down-to-earth subjects like legal, copyright, etc., it's something you don't often see on summits. All in all it was awesome, I loved it and thank you for putting it together. "


"It was certainly amazing. Worth every hour I spent on each class listening, taking notes, thinking and creating. The course contained so much more information than I would have every expected and made me see the art business with different eyes. "


"I absolutely love the Unstoppable Artists event. It has been super helpful and so well organized. I've signed up for so many other webinars and events that just didn't have practical action steps organized into daily topics like this one. I'm so glad I signed up for the event even though I'm suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out ) and usually sign up for too many of these things that it becomes another distraction to me actually getting my work done. Definitely not this time! This will save me so much time to create! "


"Hello Nikol, first of all, thank you so much for this event. I have found the missing piece to add to my business, to be different from the tribe. Then I've learned so much new techniques to heal with art, this desire was burning for years inside of me, but I didn't know how to do. Now, I'm so motivated and full of new ideas, that I'm blown away. This event has come to me at the right time, so now I've new hope. Thank you very much. Looking forward for your next magical creation.”


"Nikol curated a round of amazing professionals from so many different corners in the Arts Industry that this series couldn't have been better balanced - it was so rich and powerful in information, but also inspiring like balm to my soul. Each individual shared their knowledge, talked about their perspectives onto this crazy, beautiful, messy field the arts and how you can float on the water and not feel you have to fight against the current all the time. It came to me exactly at the right time and I am so happy to become a part of this community. Thank you so much for creating this! “


Your Host:

Nikól Rogers, ACC, WPCC, Certified Empowerment coach works with leading creatives who struggle to attract their perfect audience, feel amazing in their performance, and see themselves as valuable. She empowers professional artists, speakers, entrepreneurs, and presenters to be Fearless, embodying a Powerful Presence that allows them to connect deeply with their audience, and stand out from the crowd. She coaches her clients to create free of stress in their projects, and feel confident and secure in their work. She specializes in skills for overcoming fear, overwhelm, and the constant roller coaster of ups and downs that come with putting your work out to the world. Nikól views the client as a whole person, taking all aspects into account, and ultimately empowering the client to create from a place of authenticity and joy. She instills an unstoppable mindset, and creates the ability to take inspired action. Her clients become seen and celebrated!

Nikól deeply believes within you is someone powerful with something powerful to say, and she will teach you how.


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