Crossing the Bridge

Do you feel lost with how to reach your audience?

Do you have amazing Art and no one to buy or share?

It can be so daunting!  I imagine you may feel like you are staring across the water at all these amazing people you WISH were your fans, or maybe just seeing crowds clamoring for other artists’ work and wondering,
How the heck did they do that?
How can I find fans that are that excited about my work?

You may feel like you’re on an island, and really want to come join the party.
If only there was a bridge, a way to reach them!

Because, it you had a bridge, I imagine you would walk across it.  I imagine you would be so grateful to have a path and a way to CONNECT with your audience and go Full Time with your Art.

So, what is the bridge?

Last weekend was very powerful.  I had my Fearless Academy retreat and clients from all over the world flew into NYC.  It’s been a magical journey with them, and they all came to this program to live their calling, build their following, and create fearlessly.

On Saturday night, I sent them out into the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to do three things.

One of the three, was to go up to a stranger and interview them, asking this simple question,
What does Art mean to you?

While my clients left on their secret mission full of nerves, when they returned, their energy was very different.

They were relaxed, and even more so, they were inspired.

Each one shared a story of how people were so willing to share, and how many lit up when asked this question.

The answers?

Art is intuitive
Art is imagination
Art is relaxation
Art has perspective
Art is neutral

Art is inside all of us
Art is life
Art is pleasure
Art makes me happy

Art expresses grief, joy, and struggle
Art is everything

Many of these interviews happened in Domino Park, right on the water, right in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge, lit up like a million stars in the crisp October night.

And my clients were surprised, inspired, and ultimately found themselves connecting with what Art means to THEM.

Turns out they actually had a lot in common with the strangers on the street.

Lastly, they heard,
Art is an opening.

Art brings people together.

We can easily isolate and feel no one wants or cares about our work.  Society has done a fabulous job of creating a myth called,
the starving artist
you must suffer for your art

And this can lead to you being afraid to ask for what you are worth and really create a solid business with your Art.

You’ve heard it from friends, family, and it can feel so lonely as you are really following your passion and your calling to have the strength and courage to truly do work you love.

But, what if the bridge is there right in front of you?
What if the bridge is there waiting for you to cross?

We were all born creative, but YOU made the decision to create a life from it.  You made a decision to make this your calling, and it’s because deep down, I imagine you believe what the people on the street of Williamsburg said loud and clear,
Art brings people together.

Art IS the bridge.

Your work is what connects with your audience’s heart, especially those that left their crayons and paintbrushes in the closet when they were young.

Art is the opening to what we ALL share together, our humanity.

Your words
Your songs
Your images
Your dance

They ARE the bridge to your audience.

Art is what we share, and by you putting your work out to the world, you are allowing your audience to access that piece of their hearts they deeply want to keep alive.

I’ve done this exercise for my clients for three years in a row, and every year, I see my clients leave scared and unsure, and return inspired and confident.  They feel renewed to create, because now they understand,
Art brings people together.

We all feel loneliness, and what if your art is the bridge for YOUR audience to cross a bridge from sadness to joy, from fear to relaxation, from confusion to inspiration?

What if the bridge actually goes BOTH ways?

Your work matters, and the world needs you.
And you need the world.

Open your eyes to the bridge, it’s right there.
And we cross it together.

The Unexpected Upgrade

Today I have a special guest here on the blog, my head coach, Danielle Beckmann!  An actress, producer, podcast host of the popular Brooklyn Quarter, and all around incredible artist, she is a powerhouse helping our clients to go full time with their art. Today, she’s here for you to share how she took a highly embarrassing situation and turned it into am amazing opportunity:)  Enjoy!

“You’ve just been upgraded.”

Ahhh, what sweet music to the ears!

We all love upgrades, don’t we?

Imagine a moment where you’re about to fly cross country and the gate attendant tells you you’ve been upgraded at no extra cost. Nothing. Nada. All you have to do is stand there and accept this first-class gift.

What do you do?
Do you accept it freely and smile, sit in your comfy seat and order a mimosa?
Or do you fumble, stutter, and make excuses while delaying the check-in line?

Really, what would you do, <<First Name>>?

I have found that sometimes as artists we are so consumed with giving our gifts to the world that it’s hard for us to accept a free gift when it comes our way.

But what if free gifts were a regular thing? 

What if it was possible to receive a gift and accept it with deep joy and gratitude–no strings attached?

I very recently had to put this concept into action in my own life. One month ago I had the privilege of attending the 73rd Annual Tony Awards. I was chosen to be a volunteer seat filler at the prestigious show, and when the day finally came, I couldn’t have been more excited.

I joined the buzzing crowd filing into Radio City Music Hall and sat in the back of the orchestra to receive instructions. As I went to take my comfortably velvety seat, I heard a ‘reeeeeep’ and suddenly felt the fabric of my dress give way.

Something was not right. After feeling around and assessing the situation, I found out the awful truth: my vintage dress had ripped. And this was not a small rip. It was a 6 inch rip right up the center back seam of my dress.

All the negative thoughts flooded my mind:
“How am I going to stand up and sit down all night filling seats for celebrities in this condition!?”
“This is so embarrassing!”
“Can everyone see my spanx!? Will Bryan Cranston see my spanx!?!?”

After this moment of upset and overwhelm, I took a breath and something magical happened. I started to giggle. And the giggles turned into chuckling, and the chuckling turned into laughing.

I took another big, deep breath and surrendered to the night. Wherever it wanted to take me, whatever it wanted to say to me, I was game. I surrendered and decided to go with the flow.

Moments before the pre-show began, I was placed in a third row seat next to Laura Linney, Jeff Daniels, and Michael Kors. Before I knew it, James Corden was on stage, and the show had begun! At each commercial break I anticipated the signal from an usher to tell me to give up my seat…but it never happened. They never moved me. Apparently the person who was supposed to sit in Row CC Seat 509 couldn’t make it. I ended up sitting in the third row for the entire evening!

I got to soak in the energy, the talent, and the vibrancy of the awards, including the quirky moments during commercial breaks. I saw friends on stage, and friends in the audience too.The surrender led to flow and the flow led me to a place I never imagined. And where did I find myself?
Receiving an upgrade.

And, boy, did I take it gratefully!

If you feel stagnant and out of place in your artistic journey, as if your metaphorical dress has ripped, I want to encourage you: keep persevering, keep showing up.

Examine the places you are stuck, take a deep breath, and surrender them one step at a time today.

It might just lead you to an upgrade you weren’t expecting.