Inspiration: Your Most Important Creative Tool!

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Most Creatives, even those who diligently focus their attention on marketing and selling their
talent are missing the most important tool that is present in every successful creative endeavor.

That tool is Inspiration.

When you are inspired you are open and ready to receive. Ideas and creativity flow and issues are easily solved. New plans are able to be followed with enthusiasm and you move forward in your life with the greatest of ease.

Is this your experience?

For most Creative people it is not. While almost every Creative I’ve met got into the business because they love their craft, many report that somewhere in the process of being in “the business “ they lost the spark.

Have you?

After 30 +years counseling Creatives I can report with great confidence that when Talent has activated their intuitive senses and has 24/7 access to inspiration they benefit creatively, professionally, financially and personally.

This translates into :
 * Frequently and painlessly creating new ways of expressing your creativity
 * Successfully collaborating creatively with clients and partners on creative projects
 * Happily and easily marketing and consistently putting your work forward
 * Painlessly solving issues with grace and ease
 * Pricing and negotiating fees that serve all

Most creative people currently experience “moments” of inspiration.  They have times while shooting,acting dancing writing when they are” in the zone”, a place where time stops still and they feel supremely present.

These moments while wonderful, are only the tip of the iceberg, as they happened randomly, not through active choice and effort.

When you choose to live an inspired life you are connected to higher source energy. This is the frequency that you’ve been visiting during your moments in the zone, or times of connection during an artistic moment where flashes of brilliance occur.

This energy field can be brought into all aspects of your life.  This is tool that everyone has, yet few are accessing!

Energy? Frequency? I’m not talking religion here. Science and medicine long ago confirmed that we are energetic beings.

When you have an An EEG it measures the frequency in your brain. An EKG measures the energy in your heart.

Clearly we are energetic beings!

When you live an inspired life, you are choosing to consciously and deliberately open to and
activate the high-frequency energy field that until now you have only been visiting.  Choosing to live in the higher vibration of inspiration gives you access beyond your thoughts.

Make on mistake about it. Creativity is not an act of the brain, (neuro science has reported that
the brain can only recognize that which it already knows and ideas are  “new discoveries”).
Creativity  is a result of you opening and providing a receptive place for ideas to land.

This is not rocket science but it’s not easy work. You will need to get past old beliefs and then you will have to create new steps in order to leave habits and patterns that no longer serve behind.

You will need to create quiet in your life, times when you will be able to connect to your higher wisdom.  For many creative people choosing to go here outside of the creative experience itself, is very new.

To get you started  I’m inviting you to access as my gift, a guided meditation that will take you to a place where inspiration lives. Go here and download your gift now.

Golden Light Meditation

If you have any doubt at all that Inspiration, your most powerful tool is within you, waiting to be  accessed,  think about the term itself.

The words In Spirit A Ton reside within!

/ Selina Maitreya is an internationally celebrated lecturer, author and teacher of Practical Spirituality.
Practical Spirituality is a transformational
teaching that utilizes one’s daly life as the practice pad for increased consciousness and connection to higher wisdom.
Students of Practical Spirituality learn how to identify and access their high frequency 24/7 living lives that are based in true abundance and peace.
Instagram: Practicalspirituality

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