Procrastination is FUN!


You’ve got that list of tasks.

They are sitting there staring at you, the endless To Do’s and you are simply NOT doing them.  And these tasks matter.  They will actually connect you with your audience, bring you wealth, and feed your Creative Life.

So, why are you going through Facebook or doing anything EXCEPT working on your Creative Project?

The answer is pretty simple.

And the antidote is even easier.

Turns out there are only three easy steps to turn any procrastination into absolute action and to set you up with a roaring and raving crowd cheering on your every move!

And the best part?  All of this is FUN.

CLICK ON THE VIDEO to find your cheering fans:

Now I want to hear from you!  How can you apply this to your Creative tasks?

What does having the “home advantage” do for your motivation?

When I viewed my To Do’s from this place, I couldn’t WAIT to fly through them.  It was a real game changer.

Respond in the comment section below!

Photography by Caitlin Cannon

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