Spring Cleaning

Spring and Shoes

Spring has Sprung!  The buds are bursting forth, the trees are blooming, and green is filling the branches.

After the dormancy of winter, you feel possibility, growth, air and space.

Or do you?

How does your Creativity feel?

How are your Creative Projects coming along?  The book, your performance, your film, the new painting, your keynote……your music?

Are they moving forward clear and clean, or are you staring at a pile of procrastination and endless dust bunnies, thinking

Help, I don’t even know WHERE to start!

It may be time for some Spring Cleaning. 

This past week I had a pretty profound experience with my shoes that ended up not only allowing me to let go of what no longer serves me, but also brought in new opportunities to work with fellow artists I adore.

After all, my shoes are what support me and allow me to walk out in the world.  Turns out they also were getting piled up and holding me back.

Who knew all that was waiting in my closet?

Where is YOURS waiting?  Tune in to see how you can go from dusty to clean and chaos to clarity today.

Click below to Spring Clean your Creativity!

Now I would like to hear from you!

Where do you need to Spring Clean?

Where are the dust bunnies in your Creativity?

Your creativity is your biggest gift.  Allow it to Spring forward and grow.

Share in the comment section below and let me know what opened up for you.  I was amazed at the changes I went through in an activity that only took a short amount of time…..

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