That was the sound of my tailbone hitting the floor this past week in dance class. And it happened in front of the choreographer that gave me my first professional show at the ripe age of 18, and a room full of dancers.

I literally swept MYSELF off my feet going into a high kick and wiped out.

And it hurt.

I had a moment of shock as the wind left my body and was dazed as the teacher ran over to make sure I was ok.  The whole class had stopped and was staring at me in the middle of the floor.

In that moment, I could have started to spiral into embarrassment and shame, listing all the reasons why I shouldn’t have been dancing, and really worrying about what others were thinking or how I looked.

In the past, I have fallen and really beaten myself up, feeling my confidence shattered from setbacks and challenges.  And as I was laying on my back icing my tailbone, I thought of you.

It made me realize we ALL face these moments, don’t we?

Whether it’s in our creativity or our life, it often comes down to this…

How do we rise from our Falls?
What do we do in the moment of Difficulty?

How do we stay present and focused on our Dreams?

This is exactly what I’m sharing with you this week.

And I do it with one simple question that can turn any difficult situation on it’s head.

Want to know what it is?

Click on the video below to hear, and I have a special gift for you at the end!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

How did your “Experiment” go?

What were you able to create with this one shift?
I’m excited to hear your perspective on this because, whether you’re  dealing with this right now or not, there’s one thing I’m sure about:

The Freedom is in the Action.

Comment below and share!

6 thoughts on “Wipeout

  1. I can feel your pain , but a brilliant reaction to your situation. I wish you a very speedy recovery. Much love Pete……………..

  2. Sorry to hear of your fall, Nikol, but congratulations on rising to the moment, Phoenix like again. Trusting that the discomfort is much less now; I am well aware of post-traumatic, non fractured bony discomfort, mainly from chest wall contusion.
    My ongoing Phoenix rising, yet to manifest, but am confident of good outcome, is to come up from redundancy unemployment, possibly entering new arena, not sure how or when yet, but the powers of Law of Creation/Law of Attraction are being harnessed.
    Best Wishes for speedy recovery

    • Trust you have the power David! There is a solution, and I encourage you to get creative, and tap into new resources. I hold your vision of a new arena. Explore what that could be!

  3. In my eyes its not the fall you should be taking about…it’s the fact that you had the courage to take the gigantic leap in the first place. I see a beautiful courageous dancer who got lost in the moment and gravity stepped in. Keep on dancing and creating…after some ice and a soft pillow for the next while!

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